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TG Mobile Solutions is, the best cell phone repair services and it is located at
Cheapest iPhone, iPad, Samsung & Smartphone Repair provides an open kitchen repair, allowing our customers to watch their device get repaired. Cheapest iPhone, iPad, Samsung & Smartphone Repair focuses on being the most reliable and fastest repair service. We know our customers cannot leave their device for an extended period, so we target to have most devices repaired within 15 minutes. Cheapest iPhone, iPad, Samsung & Smartphone Repair takes pride in providing our customers with 5-star services and offering an experience no competitor can duplicate.

Established in 2010 to provide premiere smartphone repairs and unlocking services. Under new management 2018,Over the years, we have helped a lot of individuals in Winchester BlvdSan Jose, USA, to fix the issue with their cell phones, tablets, iPads and electronics. Our ability to deliver exceptional services makes us the preferred option for a lot of individuals that search for our services. At TG Mobile Solutions, we do not compromise on our integrity. Our iPhone repair centre stocks only high quality, durable parts, and a crystal clear screen. As a result, it ensures that only superior quality replacement parts are used for your iPhone screen repair near me service. Hence, your new, crystal clear iPhone screen will serve you for a long time.
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What if I did not set up an appointment to come to your location?

That’s OK. In case if you don’t have a scheduled appointment, you can still come with your issue, we will try our best to sort out your issue and fix your device.

What kind of parts do you use to repair my device?

We use the highest quality of parts in the market. A lot of people throw around the word “original”, well here is a little secret: There is no such thing as original parts. Original parts would mean they are coming from the company itself. We get our parts from different distributers that produce the same quality parts as those made for the phone since it is simply impossible to buy parts from the company itself.

What if my phone is not working after I take it from you?

We offer a 30-day warranty with all our repairs. This does not mean if you break it or scratch it again we will do the job again for free. Rather, if there is an issue with the part we fixed, or something is not working right, you can bring it in and we will fix it for free.

Why are your prices so cheap compared to everywhere else? Do you use bad parts?

Actually no! We use different methods of replacing just the part that is broken, while other shops will replace unnecessary parts because they do not master the techniques we do. For example, some shops will replace your entire touch screen when you crack your glass; while we can replace just your glass because of the techniques we have mastered for a fraction of the price.

Do you use “glue” or adhesive tape to fix my Samsung Galaxy Screen?

All of our repair shops use Liquid Clear Optical Adhesive (LOCA Glue) for their Samsung glass replacements. This allows for the original touch sensitivity, durability, and clarity of the crystal clear Samsung display. This also prevents specs of dust or particles from going under the glass and causing visibility issues after a month. Even though it costs a bit more, it is the market standard and professional way to repair the device.

What is the difference between using LOCA glue and adhesive tape? I would rather save the money and use the latter.

There are many differences. For one, when using the adhesive tape, the glass is not securely fastened and sealed to your device, making it easier to lift and have dust particles are garbage get underneath the glass. Besides, due to the size of the Samsung screens, you will often see the glass lift up and touch down on your touch screen, which causes bubbles and can cause damage to the LCD (a very expensive part to fix).

What does your warranty cover?

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects with the parts we place on your device as long as there is no damage to them. This means that if we change your screen, charger port, battery, or any other part on your device and the parts start to malfunction, become loose, or give you issues. we will replace it in the time period, warranty issue after repairing of your device.